About Us

TEN Degrees Chocolate is a leading bean-to-bar Calgary chocolate maker.
We make fine chocolate right in our shop and offer a wide range of freshly made chocolate items in our café and dessert lounge.

Who We Are

TEN Degrees Chocolate is a family-owned and operated bean-to-bar chocolate factory, café, and dessert lounge. We make small-batch fine chocolate using ethically sourced cacao beans, and local natural ingredients as well as organic sugar.

We are passionate about chocolate and our strong sense of integrity, quality, and community — both locally and with the producers who grow, ferment, and dry our beans. We have had the pleasure of meeting farmers and producers who are proud to show us their farms that they have worked for generations.


At Ten Degrees Chocolate, the safety of our guests and staff is our top priority – our space and events all adhere to the health and safety guidelines as set out by AHS & the City of Calgary

Our Mission: Share Our Love of Chocolate

We established TEN Degrees Chocolate to serve an amazing experience through the medium of Chocolate in Calgary. As members of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association we elevate Fine Chocolate by showcasing how we turn a fermented fruit into a delicious chocolate bar.

We offer complete transparency in how we bring chocolate into our bistro menu, pastries, desserts, pairings, and custom drinks. As one of the few small-batch chocolate makers in Calgary, we are excited to bring our unique concept to the community.

Chocolate Is the Gateway to Health and Happiness

We know chocolate is a healthy food to be included in our diet everyday. Come visit us to get your daily dose.

We believe that chocolate is the medium that opens the door to a variety of experiences. Fine Chocolate can ignite your senses: sight, smell, taste, and hearing the snap of a well-tempered chocolate bar that brings joy to us and those we make it for.

TEN Degrees Chocolate invites you to come and indulge in your love of chocolate. See how the best chocolate in Calgary is made in our chocolate factory. Treat yourself to a variety of fine chocolate bars, bonbons, and specialty items and enjoy our café and dessert lounge experience.

It has been a fabulous journey so far! Join Mark, Michelle, and Bianca in a chocolate-filled atmosphere in Mount Royal Village East, Calgary by Tomkins Park.


Fine Chocolate Industry Association


Our passion for healthy food, fine chocolate and bringing joy to others has brought us together in this journey.

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