The S’more Cake

The S’more Cake

November 13, 2020


The s’mores cake is a dreamy bite of your favourite childhood camping snack. The fudge cake base is moist, rich, and full of cocoa flavour. The almond graham streusel is buttery, crumbly and the perfect addition of crunchy texture to the cake. The “S’mores” Cream is a rich chocolate custard that amplifies Ten Degrees’ Ecuador 65% Dark Chocolate. This has quickly become my favourite Chocolate that the owners, Mark, Michelle, and Bianca, make here at the shop! It’s flavour profile is chocolatey and earthy, and has rich notes of vanilla. Though it is the sweetest of the dark chocolate line, the Ecuador notes pair well with a soft and creamy vanilla bean Italian meringue topping. All torched to s’mores golden brown and ready to be devoured.

The inspiration of this cake comes from my favourite activity besides making delicious pastries… camping! I love sitting around a fire with family and friends, passing around a bag of marshmallows, cookies, and chocolate bars. But no matter how hard you try, the marshmallow is never melted right, the chocolate never melts fully, and the cookie is too crumbly! So, the first version I created was an open face s’mores cookie (which won me a competition) for the first year of my baking apprenticeship with SAIT! A soft home made molasses rich cookie, a vanilla bean marshmallow made from scratch, under a swirl of whipped chocolate ganache. It was the perfect bite of s’mores, sans the real fire, sub for a butane torch used daily at Ten Degrees Chocolate!

Over time in my pastry career, the s’mores cookie evolved to be a bit more elegant and wholesome… the s’more cake! I dove into the pastry kitchen at Hotel Arts, absorbing as much knowledge as I could from one of my favourite Pastry Chefs to date, Ely Salar. His ability to make simple desserts elegant by transforming the components to balance flavour and texture in different ways inspired me to up my s’mores game. I began playing around with different recipes and components until I found the right combinations, and then the right chocolate. The s’mores cake wouldn’t be what it is today without Ten Degrees Chocolate. Through the flavours of the beans, the roasting journey, and the care and love that goes into the chocolate making process I am able to create and be inspired every day. The Signature S’more Cake is just the beginning!

Come visit us during Taste of 17th Ave, for date night, or any celebration you can think of to come indulge in this delicious dessert!


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Pastry Chef Paige


P.S. Shout out to my mom! Happy Birthday!

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