We don’t just colour chocolate, we make it!

We don’t just colour chocolate, we make it!

December 1, 2020


What is the difference between a chocolatier and a chocolate maker?

Chocolatier: makes confections from bulk chocolate.


Chocolate Maker: an individual or company that buys and roasts cacao beans and grinds them into chocolate. Chocolate makers require very specialized equipment and knowledge.


As chocolate makers, we start by ethically sourcing our cacao beans from farmers and producers that we have relationships with. Relationships with Meridian Cacao and Uncommon Cacao are important to us because both provide transparency in how and where they purchase beans.

Ecuador Farm


We then sort the beans by size and roast to ensure we reduce the bitterness and astringency of the nibs. We winnow the roasted beans to get the precious nib out of the shell. The Husk (shell of the bean) is then sold to distilleries, breweries, tea makers or used in gardens as mulch or compost. Nothing is wasted!



We grind the nibs and sugar in the melanger for many days to ensure we have a smooth mouth feel and the flavour we desire. Then, when the particle size is reduced to approximately 20-25 microns, we begin conching.  Conching is when we are able to reduce the volatiles in the chocolate. Like wine, we are aerating the chocolate and smoothing out the flavours. While all steps in the bean to bar process are important, this one can have a significant impact on the flavour you enjoy in the finished bar.

To turn melted chocolate into that wonderful finished bar or bonbon, we temper the chocolate to ensure it has a shine, and snap to it.  Our pastry chef, executive chef, baristas, and chocolatier incorporate our house made chocolate in all of our menu items in our café, bistro and dessert lounge.

At TEN Degrees Chocolate we create small batch Fine Chocolate, which is defined in terms of its flavour, texture, and appearance, as well as limited ingredients; high cocoa and low sugar content.  No soy lecithin or other additives or stabilizers are used in our chocolate!

Visit our shop to sample some of our chocolate! Our chocolate ambassadors would love to tell you all about what we are doing in our chocolate factory!

Chocolate Bars


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